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FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

Why should I choose Creabiz Studio?

We work with corporates, public and private industries, NGOs, INGOs, government sectors, SMEs, and budding entrepreneurs to create hi-end explainer, promotional, advertising and marketing videos using motion graphics, 2d & 3D animations. Our efficient team and organized video making process enable us to work hand-in-hand with our clients from concept development to the final video output. With over 250+ videos under our roof, client experience and customer satisfaction is our primary objective. Talk to us to know more

How much does a video cost?

There are many factors determining the cost of an animated video. Factors like visual style, video duration and delivery time will influence the cost of your animated video. Going forward, the cost of an animated video Creabiz Studio produces usually ranges between $800 to $10,000 per minute. 

If you’d like to get our quotation, we are here to assist you. Click here and talk to us.

Who has the video ownership rights?

Creabiz Studio exclusively creates and customises every element, art and graphics for your animated video. Hence, you own full rights on the final video. You can use it however and wherever you want.

How long does it take to deliver a video?

Standard 60 second animated videos usually take 3-4 weeks to complete. Considering clients’ feedback and changes, most of our projects take between 3-7 weeks from start to final video delivery.

Is it possible to speed up the video production process?

Most Certainly. But speeding up the process also implies a nominal charge attached to it. In such emergent cases, we have a separate process whereby we make an agreement ensuring equal commitment from both the parties, also resulting in fewer rounds of feedback sessions.  Let’s talk in detail about your video project and timeline. 

What Does Our Process Look Like?

Our Process is simplified and splited into micro-processes that lands both of us on the same page. Our process also gives ample opportunities for feedback sessions.   

Do I have to pay extra for revision work, how does the revision process work?

Not A Dime ! We offer you countless revisions. We have designed our process in such a way that we encourage unlimited feedback and multiple revisions from our clients. Also at any time, if you are not satisfied and wish to change the entire visual flow, even that will not cost you any additional fee. Having said that, more revision time will definitely extend the delivery time.

I want several videos! Is It possible to make them at the same time?

Of course, why not? You can start multiple video projects simultaneously. However, turnaround time for video delivery will increase depending on the number of projects.

What's the payment process like?

After we send you a contract detailing the video production and its terms, we will ask you to pay us an advance amount of 50% to start the project. Once your video is approved and delivered, we will raise the final invoice of remaining 50%. You can either write a cheque and opt for wire transfers.

How do I get started?

You are required to fill up the creative form to get started. Once you fill the form, our project managers will go through your brief and schedule a call/meeting with you to discuss your requirements in detail. When both the parties agree to the working process, we will share the contract with you. After then, we proceed with the visual style and script which is approved by you. As soon as we receive an advance payment, we get into turning your idea into a video.

In which format do you deliver the video?

We deliver videos in HD format, MP4 with an H264 compression. This format supports every video hosting platform and can be uploaded in any video hosting platform of your choice. If you need the videos in any specific format, just let us know we will send it to you.

What's the best video style for my business?

There are as many answers for that as there are businesses! No style is necessarily better than another. It depends on your brand, your audience, your niche, and your message.

If you need an assessment on this regard, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. After filling out the creative brief, we’ll set up a kick-off call where we’ll discuss what type of video can best suit your company. Together we’ll go over your specific needs and goals, and figure out what’s best for you. That said, we did make a cool vid going over this exact point!

How long should my explainer video be?

We recommend keeping them under 2 minutes long – 90 seconds being the sweet spot for explainer videos. Want more details on why? Contact Us

Why should I use Animation?

Animation has been in this industry from the very beginning. The only catch is its only now brands have started realising its true potential and effectiveness. Animation videos have been used widely for entertainment, information and educational purposes.
Animation Videos allows you to experiment on content you can’t do otherwise. An animated video can be powerful, funny, deep, inspirational, creative, captivating, compelling at the same time. Also, the most important thing is its SUPER AFFORDABLE. You can make videos as per your budget criteria. And these make the best content for marketing and promotional purposes. Write to us and we will elaborate more on the power of animated videos for marketing.

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